Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Candle stick, whats it good for?

    Often, how we perceive something determines whether it is useful or could be made useful. Take the image below of a couple of plates and the candlestick holder.


    Most people would look at it and think two plates and candlestick, what of it?  But my grandfather used to play a game of what if. The game was rather simple put two or more items together and what do you come up with? A cat and a refrigerator, what do you get? A cat that has a light come on when it opens its mouth. The person with the most unusual combination, wins.  Usually it was just to see if he could get me to laugh. But there would always be some combination that would surprise the both of us and always made us think,"could that actually work?"


    So if you were to use clear epoxy and glue the motive candle dish to the candlestick , what would you have? A candy dish or soap dish?

How about we glue the clear plate to the candlestick , what would we have then? A fancy serving dish or a raised plate to display something on?

How about a bowl and a candlestick ,what would you have then?  A fancy ice cream dish or a goblet for your kids play ? So the next time you're in a dollar store, just remember, a candlestick is not always a candlestick .  And on another note my grandfather always said; " Survival is not always a matter of what you have , but what you can make with what you have.
(NOTE: I always try to use a candle stick with a broad base or glue a flat plate on the bottom to make a broad base. This will help keep your dish from falling over . Also, I have found that clear epoxy works best, not supper glue.)